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Bajaj exhaust, barely used
Our Price: $150.00

Picture of a used one. The new one is still in the box!
Bajaj parts, various new
Our Price: $1,000.01

22150451 screw
28101091 bolt special
35191057 special pivot lever
6111266 switch neutral classic
7181006 dust cover
20191015 drive complete- speedometer
28101250 spacer main shaft
28101107 parallel key
28101118 bush spacer
39014207 parallel pin
28101251 cap - for main shaft wheel
6111058 lighting coil no ii
35111031 horn coil
6111251 charging coil
28111012 pulser pickup coil
28121026 carb insulator plastic
28121037 spring compression
28121038 jet comp slow
28121049 cable adjuster throttle
39007804 hex head bolt
1170110 bearing hub 6201
1170111 bajaj bearing hub 6203
1180123 steel ball
3100335 needle roller bearing
CL221041 bolt large exhaust to frame
39020011 washer
39138101 headset screw
39179304 rear shock lower bolt
39179611 washer plain oil crush
3150224 o ring output shaft
3150225 o ring rear brake
30151038 o ring brake actuator
39126321 o ring valve cover
39213611 plain washer
39243911 internal clutch washer
39165721 o ring oil strainer cap
30151069 rear brake spring
6111267 cap neutral switch
28161085 center stand rubber buffer
31111014 grommet
CL161057 tail light gasket rubber
52CL8007 Bonnet engine chetak
28161045 Bonnet LH assy
28-1610-39 Engine bonnet assy
52068002 Fr Fender pre treated
CM-1610-23 Matting central
28171005 Rear shock abs assy
28111045 Starter motor
28121017 Air filter foam
6170103 cover – dust
5151034 Fr brake panel
28-1010-84 Fan cover assy
6191132 gr cont tube/sleeve
LH floor matt
28141035 petrol tank assy
tail light assy#), no lens
CM211001 pillion seat comp
CL161003 carrier plate assy
2810-10-48 unknown plastic part
5181037 HUB PIN
1180128 bearing race
B06151023 Special Bolt
39145020 Ball Bearing
Valve cover
BCL201015 Rear LH signal
28101038 Clutch spring
9128321 O ring
cl2010-13 RH switch kill and starter
cl2010-08 wiring harness
cl2010-14 Rear LH signal
39154321 O ring
39157421 O ring
CL221005 Tool Kit
39187511 Lever Washer
28101094 Ratchet kick
28101096 Sping Coil compress
28101109 Guide kick
28111045 Starter motor
28101057 Stopper
31101018 Retainer Valve spg
39147817 Ring piston cir clip
28101072 oil pump washer
39100006 dowel cyl-block/head-cyl
28101195 spring holder
28101054 collar
DD101211 spring stipper
CF201009 rear side reflector
28161093 cowl rubber
28111020 Fan
AA201084 Switch RH
28191007 Gear cable comp Legend
CL191031 Cable accel CH.
28191014 Choke cable assy
AA191041 Throttle cable 3-wheeler
39172219 Oil seal main shaft
39213319 Oil seal
CL221009 LH reflector base
CL221010 RH reflector base
35181041 Bottom cover LH
39026712 Washer - exhaust bolt
6111247 LT Coil
28101130 Insulator
30141028 Gasket- fuel sending unit
35191025 gas conttol link
28141041 evaporator canister
28101195 holder
XB05F NGK spark plug
CB181050 Bearing shell
28101079 Spring kick return
28101019 Camshaft
AA101332 Piston ring II
7181004 Bearing race
6180107 Upper bearing race
6180108 Lower bearing race
6181068 Stel ball sh cage lo
7181007 Bearing
CL161097 Bracket assy
28201013 ignition switch
28101237 clutch lever retention spring
CL161105 tool box lock key
6181049 lock cam
28121074 bowl w/ overflow tube
Ultra Motor Fast4ward Edge
Fast4ward Edge e-bike
Our Price: $1,499.00
Sale Price: $1,049.00
Savings: $450.00

The Fast4Ward range sports modern designs, high performance, and practicality – all at an affordable price. With such versatility, there is certainly a Fast4ward e-bike to suit your lifestyle.
Fast4ward RIDE e-bike
Fast4ward RIDE e-bike
Our Price: $1,799.00
In Store ONLY

Ride with style
HeroEco A2B Shima
HeroEco A2B Shima
Our Price: $3,099.00

Our popular speed pedelec, the Shima offers all the benefits of pedal assist, with a faster top speed. Its 500W propulsion system gives this sporty, dynamic model best-in-class performance.